Bird’s Nest Selection and Cleaning Process

At Superior, we know the significance of love that originates from one’s heart. We have adopted a set of criteria to provide outstanding quality to our clients.

Size and Shape: A fundamental criteria in our selection of bird’s nest would be its size and shape. These contribute to the bite texture of the nests after cooking.

Purity and colour: As we try to provide our clients with the best quality and high nutritional value, Superior bird’s nests are spotted in its natural colours, ivory white, with no impurities.

Our cleaning and processing house in Malaysia is compliance to the standards of HACCP (Food Safety According to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System) and was certified by the Ministry Of Health Malaysia under category Code E – Processing 3 (Products with long self -live at ambient temperature). Our processing unit has thus successfully implemented and maintains a FOOD SAFETY SYSTEM which meets the requirements of the standard MS 1480 : 2007 and was further affirmed and certified by SIRIM International Sdn Bdn and IQNet (The International Certification Network). We also consistently fulfil Department of Veterinary Services (Ministry of Agricultural and Agro-based Industry Malaysia) requirements and execution of Quality Assurance program (QAP) and HACCP.

After preliminary cleansing of the bird’s nest, it will all be put in a chiller in our clean room. The bird’s nest is then clean manually under clean room environment. After the impurities are removed, the clean bird’s nest is placed delicately on a mould to retain its shape. A QC (Quality Control) check will then be conducted before the bird’s nest are put under UV (Ultra violet) ray for sanitisation. The clean and sanitised bird’s nest will then be placed in the dehumidifying room to blow dry. Eventually the clean and dried bird’s nest is pack for shipment.