Benefits of Quality Bird Nest


It is said that bird nest holds great medicinal properties which helps to enhance one’s health and is able to treat illnesses, especially those related to the lungs. The consumption of bird nest before and after pregnancy helps to stabilise these conditions and improve the health of the foetus. It also helps to decrease the discomfort caused by side effects of chemotherapy and electrotherapy. For example, dryness and soreness of throat, constipation, hoarseness, swelling and nausea.




All Natural and Organic

Quality Bird’s Nest you can trust


100% quality assurance is the primary importance for Superior Bird’s Nest. No artificial colouring, commercial glue, additives, preservatives or bleach are utilised to process the bird’s nest, ensuring 100% safe consumption for our customers.


Great Value for Money

Superior Bird’s nest is extensively reputed for its high nutritional value across most age groups to enhance one’s overall well-being. Get the best for yourself, Get our Top Quality Bird’s Nest today!!!


Environmental Responsibility

Superior is environmentally responsible. We have a clean and conducive swiftlet house for the swiftlets to build their nest in order to ensure that our clients consume top quality bird’s nest.

Nutritional benefits of Bird Nest consumption


Lab tests confirmed that bird’s nest contains 56% crude protein, calcium, carbohydrate, sodium, magnesium, potassium and amino acids.

Bird’s nest is extensively reputed for its high nutritional benefits across most age groups to enhance one’s overall well-being. These benefits include;

  • A Beauty Food for ladies
  • Retains Energy and Health of Working Professionals
  • Enhances Immunity of Expectant-Mothers
  • Promotes Healthy Growth & Child Development
  • Relieve Respiratory Ailments in Seniors

Who Is Suitable To Consume Bird’s Nest?


Bird’s nest is very much regarded as a health supplement amongst the Chinese. It is suitable for consumption by;

  • Pregnant women – supplies nutrients for both the foetus and expectant mother. it also aids in post delivery recovery.
  • Female and Male Adults – improved skin complexion, reduced fatigue, enhanced body immunity system.
  • Elderly – strengthen the function of the lungs and kidneys, improves appetite and enhances general health.
  • Patients recovering from surgery or sickness – enhances cell regeneration, healing skin and growth of new skin.
  • Children – Aids children growth and development. It also enhances their skin complexion.

Do You Know That Bird’s Nest Is Regarded As An Organic Food?


Swiftlets perch on nests, it doesn’t just relax on the ground. It feeds on flying insects. It hunts its prey and consumes them while flying. Therefore, swiftlet diet is hardly ever contaminated by harmful chemicals and insecticides.

Bird’s nest is produced solely by the discharge of swiftlet’s saliva. It is not produced by human. The most detrimental contamination is from the unethical means of dyeing and cleaning bird’s nest for more profits.

Different Types Of Bird’s Nest


Cave Nest Vs House Nest
In the case of Cave Nest, where the bird’s nest is harvested from natural cave, the bird’s nest is exposed to fairly high humidity and impurities relative to the House Nest. It is evident that the House Nest in a controlled environment where you can find workers clearing the bird’s nest is much cleaner than the Cave Nest which is exposed in the wild environment.


Natural Bird’s Nest Vs Chemically Treated Bird’s Nest
Natural Bird’s Nest (Translucent yellowish white bird’s nest) is harvested from purpose-built swiftlet house. It is cleaned manually without any use of harmful chemical, while chemically treated bird’s nest is processed utilising cleaning agents (such as bleaching agent) in mass production.


Bird’s Nest Biscuit
Bird’s Nest Biscuit is regarded as a low quality (unwanted) bird’s nest, which man makes into the shape of a biscuit. These “biscuits” are put together from bits and pieces of the broken bird’s nest, held firmly together in a mold and left to dry. It does not usually expand much after soaking in water and the nest most likely falls apart after soaking in water for an about an hour.

Superior Dried Bird’s Nest


Your Wise Choice

Superior Bird’s Nest is and organic food with low nitrate level. You are guaranteed that there is no dye or chemical used on our bird’s nest. Our Bird’s Nest is harvested from healthy and hygienic swiftlet house. We conduct frequent maintenance of swiftlet house is to reduce contamination from swiftlet dropping. We adopt the conventional manual method of cleaning the bird’s nest which help to retain the natural beautiful shape of the bird’s nest.


HACCP Certified Cleaning and Processing House
Superior Bird’s Nest is cleaned and processed in a dirt free room environment in compliance to HACCP standards. We keep on practicing traditional manual methods of cleaning our bird’s nest. Although it is labor intensive and more expensive compared to mass volume mechanically automated cleaning process, we stick on to our belief in providing only quality bird’s nest to our client, preserving the nutrients and natural shape of our bird’s nest.


We provide our clients with our products through the online shop. By embracing on the internet technology, we set up an online ordering system which helps us to eliminate one of the most costly business overheads which is Retail Rental. With this cost saving we are able to offer Superior Bird’s Nest at an affordable price without compromise on its quality.

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Superior Double Boiled Bird’s Nest


We understand that some of our clients have no time to cook the bird’s nest on their own. This is why we provide boil bird nest cooked and delivered to your doorstep using our porcelain vacuum flask to ensure the bird’s nest is fresh, air tight and warm.

We double boil to perfection and deliver to you for ease of consumption.

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How To Prepare A Bowl Of Nutritious Superior Bird’s Nest

  • Soak the bird’s nest in a big bowl.
  • Pour boiled water that has cooled to room temperature into the bowl.
  • Place bird’s nest into the bowl of water and ensure the bird’s nest is fully immersed.
  • Soak the bird’s nest for an hour.
  • After an 1 hour, rinse and drain the bird’s nest.
  • Add 1 bowl of water to 1 bird’s nest.
  • Place a small bowl in a larger pot and ensure the water in the larger pot starts to boil. Once it starts boiling, close the lid of the small bowl and let it boil for 45 minutes. Stir in rock sugar to taste as soon as the bird nest is cooked to your required texture.
  • Cover up for approximately five minutes to enable the sugar to dissolve completely.
  • Serve at room temperature or chilled.